Write a few brief words in your blog this week about what you have learned, what you have done, and what thoughts you had about it.

MATH1081 seems to be going well; the test was pleasant, and I feel reasonably confident about my performance. Bet I’ll get it back with a bunch more crosses than I’d like.

MATH1231 looks scary: there’s a test coming up, and I’m not nearly as happy with my progress in the calculus branch of the course. The combination of online tutorials and unclear tutors isn’t helping that.

COMP3421 got pretty much ignored this week. I really need to get a move on with that assignment, let alone keeping on top of lecture content.

COMP1927 was good this week! Monday’s class was fun, very alive and up-beat, with a live-coding session that was full of fun; Wednesday’s class was very philosophical and spent a lot more time being nerd-sniped by the concept of NULL than I’d’ve liked; and Jesse’s Friday class was equal parts of both. The philosophy of nothing, emptiness and definèdness was fun to play around with.

I’ve switched over from scheduled time-boxes to working from a task priority-queue, in an attempt to get ahead of the procrastination curve. We’ll see how that goes.