Write a few brief words in your blog this week about what you have learned, what you have done, and what thoughts you had about it.

COMP3421 seems to alternate between looking really scary and looking really pleasant to do. It fell in the latter category this week; I feel quite confident in being able to do the assignment now.

MATH1081 has been a definite improvement. I’ve continued to point out dangerous bends in thought to friends, and feel confident, almost surprisingly so, about the test coming this week.

MATH1231 has been comedic: I keep accidentally making myself known during calculus lectures, and Bruce’s technique for this is to write up names. One such exchange went like this:

BH: “So, are there any questions on this?”
me: “Yes: it appears you’ve defined a recursive relationship on $I_n$, so do we have to establish base-cases or can we go on forever?”
BH: “Yes, we do have to establish base cases; what was your name?”
me: “For the purposes of simplicity, we’ll go with ‘JJ’, unless I require further differentiation.”

The pun apparently passed the lecturer by, but I heard a few groans here and there, thank goodness.

COMP1927 was wobbly this week. Missed my Monday class, sadly, but had a nice fun Wednesday class, and it looks like I’ll pick up Jesse Moses’ class next week.

Over the last week, I’ve been a bit all over the place with time management. Scheduling is hard, to-do list management is hard. Executive function is a really useful feature to beat procrastination, given that almost all techniques I’ve seen to do it assume that the person setting forth on ventures to beat procrastination assume enough of it to be self-motivated.