I like coffee. Having spent some time this year meditating on what I like about coffee (largely a result of discovering James Hoffmann), I’ve been enjoying drinking coffee more.

I prefer sweeter, lighter coffees. I tend to drink Toby’s Estate coffee, mostly as a result of early indoctrination by the wonderful staff at Coffee on Campus at UNSW.

At home, I prepare coffee using a Porlex hand-grinder and an Aeropress, usually inverted.

Elsewhere, I usually drink a flat white or a cappuccino, as I tend to find these most representative of the things I like in whatever coffee I’m getting.

You might think that, based on the (non-zero) amount of coffee nerdery happening here, I drink lots of coffee: I don’t, and drink much more tea instead.

Toby’s Estate

As above, I drink Toby’s Estate coffee. Of late, I’ve been working my way through their range, trying different blends, and here’s a list of what I’ve tried.

Blend Tried?
Espresso Blend
Woolloomooloo yes! 2020-11-11 2020-08-24 2020-04-02 2020-03-17
Broadway yes! 2020-04-02
Espresso Rico forthcoming 2020-11-11
El Futuro yes! 2020-04-02
Organic Blend forthcoming 2020-11-11
Brunswick yes! 2020-08-24
Organic Decaf no; unlikely
Seasonal & Single Origin
Seasonal (espresso blend) yes! 2020-08-24
Honduras San Francisco (espresso) forthcoming 2020-11-11
Ethiopia Chelelektu Yirgacheffe (espresso) no (at 2020-11-11)
Nicaragua Las Minas (espresso) no (at 2020-11-11)
El Salvador La Cumbre (filter) no (at 2020-11-11)
Guatemala Q'antxabina (filter) no (at 2020-11-11)

Dates indicate when I last bought a bag. Eventually, I might write down some thoughts about each of the blends I try.

At some point, I’d like to try the cold-brew blends.

I’m not especially enamoured with coffee-bags, nor with pre-ground coffee in general. Grind your own coffee, kids.

On principle, I avoid pod coffee: while I do consider single-use plastics acceptable in certain circumstances, this is not one of them.


My usual experiences with Vittoria — very burnt and bitter — tend to stem from their standard espresso roast.

However, I used to work close to an outlet that did specialty Vittoria coffee, and, when prepared well, their single-origin blend was excellent, as was their cold brew.


I’ve never been a huge fan of Campos — again, much more bitter than I like.