(This list is, naturally, incomplete.)

Projects I’ve worked on

Courses at UNSW Computing

Through my teaching work at UNSW, I’ve been heavily involved in the development and delivery of:

I’ve also had a finger in

I’ve also wound up contributing to

I also managed a Discourse installation at CSE.

Research Projects

With the Trustworthy Systems research group, I’ve worked on

Software I’ve contributed to

I use a range of software day-to-day — mostly open-source — and when I find a bug and can fix it, I’ll contribute my changes back. I’ve done this for

I also maintain a small repository of Arch Linux packages; and I have non-trivial patches to fix the packaging of aflplusplus-git, criterion-git, klee-git, librealsense, ocamlfuse, osvr-display-git. I also maintain the AUR package for libxo.

Hacks: other odds and ends