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Data Retention

I have logs of server access stored for on the order of days, which are then aggregated and preserved for on the order of weeks to months. I do not otherwise intentionally store any data about visitors to this site. I do not require visitors to this site to store data to interact with it.

If you have questions, please contact me.


This site is powered by ikiwiki version 3.20200202.4. The stylesheets are derived from Bootstrap.

This site is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance in Sydney, along with a range of other sites and services I maintain.

This domain (and most other domains I own) are registered through Gandi.


In the past, I’ve had brief dalliances with Google Sites and Windows Spaces, but nowadays I mostly avoid big hairy website engines. I’ve also built my own content management systems, powered by Perl, or Ruby, or GNU Makefiles and M4.

For the longest time, this site was built with Jekyll. I’ve also used Bootstrap for styling for a while.


Many years ago, every page in this site included photographs — but I did away with that pretty quickly. I took nearly all those photos; and all had come from my family photo library, made of over a hundred gigabytes of photos taken over around fifteen years on a wide range of Olympus, Canon, and Sony cameras.