Write a few brief words in your blog this week about what you have learned, what you have done, and what thoughts you had about it.

MATH1231 has gotten messy. Not sure quite what I’ll do with it.

I’m keeping roughly on top of COMP3421, but I need to spend some quality time with the assignment.

In MATH1081, counting is finally beginning to grate on my nerves at about the same time it’s started to make sense. On the other hand, we’re losing Peter Brown, who’s a marvellous mathematics educator. Ah well, at least I’ve got the hang of the graph theory stuff, seeing as I’m teaching it elsewhere.

Speaking of, the COMP1927 quiet week has let me get back on top of other stuff, including the revision lecture I’m still planning to give after semester wraps up. The whole prospect is a bit daunting, really.

This website has grown some more features, too; I’ve spent some time cleaning up and improving the JavaScript. I’ve discovered, purely by accident, that it’s quite pleasant to write JavaScript, if you treat it like C.

I’ve got a reasonably good idea of my timetable for 17s1, so stay tuned for that.

All that pales to insignificance, really, in comparison with the news that my dear grandfather passed away early Friday morning; I’d only been out to spend a day with him on Thursday. Cancer is a horrible way to go, and it’s almost a blessing that he went without pain.

I don’t really believe much in religion, especially the organised ones that try to make up stories about the creation of the universe, or which stand in favour of proselytism, conversion, and bitter smiting. Death, though, brings everyone equals before their own psychology, questions of meaning and purpose dancing across our minds. I tend to believe that humanity’s meaning is to improve society by improving ourselves and those around us, and the actions of my dear grandfather seemed to believe in exactly that.