wherein I explain my naming scheme.

I’ve often gotten interesting questions about my hostname scheme. I am, after all, one of the few people that most people meet who not only has many systems, but uniquely and meaningfully names most of them (instead of using default, mainly meaningless names like mac-mac-ii).

As is probably not apparent, there is a naming scheme: they’re characters from ficticious, primarily science fiction or fantasy, series that I enjoy. The fact that they’re nearly all female is not necessarily coincidental; the fact that they’re all awesome most definitely is.

The Physical Boxes

My physical systems, in order of age:

The Virtual

One of the more bizarre (although some would probably call it sensible) things I do is I build a virtual machine before I deploy a system. There are a few virtual machines that I’ve built that follow those ideas:

And, of course, the downright nasty:

The Ringing

Since I switched to smartphones, I’ve always had Android phones, even though I had a Mac. I’ve never been a huge fan of iOS, even though I owned a Mac; I much preferred the flexibility and architecture of Android.

My phone naming scheme is subtly different: it’s references to elements of fantasy universes.